Friday, February 26, 2010

A few short years ago...

...this was me. In Mrs. Elliott's kindergarten class. In 1987.

Memorable moments from kindergarten, in no particular order:

Meeting all 26 of the letter people (Miss A, Aaa-choo! is still my favorite)
Discovering the big thick crayons that were flat on one side
Not getting to watch the Price Is Right with my mom during the day anymore
Having my very own lunch box
Using the silver shiny scissors with black handles
Hearing the aide, Ms. Junkin, tell me that my coloring skills weren't so good (no, I haven't forgotten...or forgiven her)
Playing in the play-kitchen
Taking naps
Not really sleeping while everyone else was taking a nap
Having the teacher ask if I was the one velcro-ing and un-velcro-ing my shoes during nap time while everyone else was taking a nap, then playing dead and not answering back
Not ever getting my name on the board (nope, not once)
Learning the Pledge of Allegiance
Having a "Self Concept" lesson each day
Getting the chicken pox the last 2 weeks of school
Being healthy enough to go in on the last day of school for a few my sparkly red dress with rhinestones
Meeting these other little people, some of whom I still keep in contact with