Friday, November 16, 2007

New sandbox

I remember vividly the day we got our sandbox. Steven and I were so excited. We stood and watched as my dad dug holes in the ground (with the tool that you dig holes up for fence posts...this one was red) and built the frame. There was a big load of dirt, and I remember that it was DARK. It was REAL dirt.

We spent hours and hours in that thing. Filled it with water. Dug holes. Built castles. And left kitchen utensils out there (much to my mom's dismay!)

Eventually, the sandbox was moved to the other corner of our big yard, and that one had white dirt. SAND, in fact. I remember loving to dig deeply into the white sand...because it was much cooler underneath. Floridian summers were hot. And cool was GOOD :)

The younger kids eventually took it over. They had a tendency to leave naked, abandoned Barbies out there. And kitchen utensils. I guess that's in our blood.